Lake Michigan Salmon Fishing Tips

There are a number of fishing tips and techniques that can make the most out of fishing on Lake Michigan for salmon. Fishing on the lake is a unique experience and differs in many respects from the fishing on other lakes.

While it may seem obvious, even the most experienced fishing enthusiasts fail to ensure that hooks are sharp from time to time. The condition of the hook should always be checked as some of the larger salmon varieties can escape dull hooks. A hook file should be used on a regular basis to ensure that the hook is kept in the best condition possible and sharp enough to snag the largest salmon that Lake Michigan has to offer. The file should be moved in a smooth and even motion from the thickest station to the thinnest. The abrasive surface of the hook should be used. It is advisable that hooks are sharpened both before use and then again before the hook is stored away in the tackle box.

Because many of the fish that feed through daylight hours are sensitive to color, it is always a good idea to use bright and colorful fishing lures. An eye-catching lure that is clearly visible in daylight will make a salmon much more likely to take the bait. For the best results, bright reds, oranges, yellows, blues and greens are effective colors for the daylight fishing of salmon on Lake Michigan. It is generally agreed that for the darker hours of the day, silver and natural colors deliver the best results. It is commonly agreed that the color of a lure is the main factor which cause the salmon to bite.
Salmon in Lake Michigan are much more likely to bite at loose eggs or skein during the spawning season. They will often ignore other forms of bait and fishing lures during these times. Skein are naturally occurring sections or pouches of eggs. They are ideal for attracting salmon as they are naturally occurring and biting at them is a natural thing to do for salmon.

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